Teravail Expands Mountain Tire Lineup

Teravail Expands Mountain Tire Lineup

Teravail is excited to introduce two new tire platforms to our mountain bike line: the Honcho and the Ehline.

The Honcho is our new high-performance all-around trail tire, geared toward maximum traction in loose and uneven terrain. When we designed the Honcho, we were inspired by our collective experiences riding terrain that’s full of rocks and roots.  The tall and aggressive angular lugs provide plenty of bite on many types of terrain, from the super-techy root systems of New England to the rugged backcountry of the Ozarks to the rocky deserts of California and beyond.

Wherever you ride, Honcho gives you the grip to confidently push your limits on the trail and ride the unknown comfortably, but the fast-rolling center tread ensures it never feels slow or unwieldy.

To accommodate a variety of riding styles, we offer the Honcho in 27.5” and 29” sizes in both 2.4” and 2.6” widths.

Our new Ehline is the perfect tire for hardpacked trails. Our team’s experiences riding modern firm and flowy singletrack informed the Ehline’s tread design. It rolls quickly, but tall corner lugs provide aggressive grip for cornering at speed and assurance on modern XC terrain, fire roads and more. It’s at home on your bikepacking rig and your flow trail bike—anywhere that speed is a priority but you don’t want to give up grip in the turns or the occasional rough patch.

The Ehline comes in 27.5” and 29” sizes, both offered in 2.3” and 2.5” widths.


We offer the Honcho and Ehline in two widths because each has its own benefits. The narrower tires provide lower rolling resistance, more responsiveness and decreased weight. The wider tires have a larger contact patch for added traction, and higher volume for a more supple ride quality. Teravail recommends a 24mm internal rim width for the 2.4” Honcho and 2.3” Ehline tires, and a 29mm internal rim width for the 2.6”- and 2.5”-wide tires.

Both the Honcho and the Ehline are tubeless-ready to reduce flats and offer greater traction and comfort at low pressures. Teravail makes both tires with a 60 TPI casing in two flavors: light and supple for a cushier ride, or durable for added protection against abrasion and sidewall lacerations.

Teravail’s durable casings feature a robust woven nylon composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and the inner casing within the sidewalls to prevent tearing and abrasions. Honcho and Ehline are both available with a standard black sidewall or a tan sidewall (light and supple casing only).

Teravail recommends a 24mm internal rim width for the 2.4” Honcho and 2.3” Ehline tires, and a 29mm internal rim width for the 2.6”- and 2.5”-wide tires.



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