The BackBottle: Jersey-Friendly Bottle for Cyclists

Imagine two products combined, a hydration pack and a water bottle. This concept led Brian Davis, creator of Fix It Sticks, to develop a solution to help cyclists hydrate on long rides.

The campaign launched today on Kickstarter. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will have first access to the new BackBottle as well as introductory pricing for the campaign starting at $10 per bottle (expected MSRP $12).

“The BackBottle combines a bottle and a hydration pack into one small, portable package,” said Brian Davis, creator of BackBottle. “Last year I went on lots of long rides and was constantly having to adjust my route for gas stations and stops in a three hour ride. I had the idea then, but the tipping point was at a cyclocross race when I was told no hand ups were allowed, even for water. With no cages on my cross bike, I got to work.”

The BackBottle is designed to allow a cyclist to easily place and replace the bottle into a rear jersey pocket. The flat back of the bottle enhances comfort and minimizes roll when climbing or sprinting. The bottle holds 18 ounces of fluid. It is top-shelf dishwasher safe, BPA free, 100% made in the USA from squeezable LDPE plastic.

“Since developing the BackBottle I started recalling times in my racing and riding where this would have been very helpful. Like cyclocross, short mountain bike rides where a pack is overkill and for being my own race support in triathlons and road races.” remarked Brian. “As I started reaching out to other cyclists about these situations, I realized more and more that I am not alone in these frustrations.”

The campaign, slated for 30 days, will also provide backers with a re-designed “seat sticker” and a backer written fortune message. The funding goal is $7,777.

“It is a simple idea and I am just trying to see if other cyclists can see value in the BackBottle. It is not trying to compete with bottles and packs, rather it is just another option,” concluded Brian.

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