Switzerland's Thomas Frischknecht reveals his love for bikepacking with gravel bikes

Press Release

Mountain biking’s 1996 Olympic silver medalist, Thomas Frischknecht. Photo courtesy of SCOTT 

From road, to cyclocross to mountain biking, Thomas “Frischi” Frischkneckt has done it all. But it’s gravel that remains his favorite way to travel, especially along the beautiful Rhine River that lines the Switzerland-Germany border.
In this episode of ‘The Escape’ we follow Frischi and his wife Sibylle on a bikepacking trip from Basel to Schaffhausen along the Rhine river. Embracing adventure, the two set off without any maps or route planning, choosing instead to follow the river banks to their destination.

Taking a more relaxed approach to bikepacking, Frischi and Sibylle travel light – foregoing tent, sleeping bag, and stove in exchange for a hot meal and a warm bed at huts or traditional restaurants. On this occasion, there’s no better choice than the Hotel Gasthof Summerau in the heart of the Black Forest.

From there, rested and refueled, the duo make the push to their final destination: Europe’s biggest waterfall, the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

Here’s the link to the video:

Frischi leads the way on a trail next to the river. Photo courtesy of SCOTT 

Here’s the link to the video:

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