Largest Whip-Off crowd in this event's history

(Info courtesy of Crankworx)

The Official European Whip-Off Championships Presented by POC started Crankworx Innsbruck with what may have been the most scenic Whip-Off jump on the planet. As the day’s rainstorm clouds parted, the riders started launching into the air off the massive jumps overlooking Innsbruck Valley. With an estimated 3,000 spectators in attendance, this was the largest Whip-Off crowd at Crankworx Innsbruck to date.

Kaos Seagrave shows the kind of air and style it takes to win the European Whip-Off Championship in 2023. Photo by Clint Trahan

Kaos Seagrave and Vinny Armstrong took the honors as the 2023 champions. Edgar Briole and Kade Edwards took second and third, respectively, among the men. Robin Goomes took the silver for the women, with Georgia Astle taking the bronze.

Vinny Armstrong sailed into the stratosphere on this one. Photo by Clint Trahan

“It was sick,” Seagrave said of the event. “We all didn’t know whether it was going to happen because it was stormy from 3:00 with literally thunder and lightning, but we all turned up and just had a good time. Everyone just sent it. Stoked to be on the box again with my boys. That’s the second podium in a row now that we’ve got together so that’s what we wanted to do and stoked that we did it!”

Edgar Briole took second among the men. Photo by Clint Trahan

“Insane,” Armstrong added. “Craziest event ever. I can’t believe it was a thunderstorm and pouring down with rain and then it was like the best time ever because it just watered the jump and made it perfect. It was perfect watering.”

Peter Kaiser threw in this super-stretched-out no-footed backflip. Photo by Clint Trahan


“Tonight, was insane!” Goomes said. “I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s just the best Whip-Off jump on the Crankworx circuit in my opinion. It’s really good vibes for me because it’s the first Crankworx event I came to and the first event I won actually. It’s a cool memory for me every time I come to this place that’s just been already so good to me.”“Today was so sick,” said Briole. “I’m so happy about my result. The podium was so insane with Kaos and Kade. I’m so happy and the jump is so sick. Can’t wait for the next Whip-Off!”

Vinny Armstrong (left) and Kaos Seagrave took home the wins. Photo by Clint Trahan


Results, Official European Whip-Off Championships presented by POC
1. Kaos Seagrave (GBR) // Vinny Armstrong (NZL)
2. Edgar Briole (FRA) // Robin Goomes (NZL)
3. Kade Edwards (GBR) // Georgia Astle (CAN)

(From left to right) Edgar Briole, Robin Goomes, Kaos Seagrave, Vinny Armstrong, Kade Edwards, and Georgia Astle. Photo by Clint Trahan


Full Results:

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