The First Natural Fiber Helmet Nears Production: UrgeBike uses linen fibers and advanced composite construction

It was a promise since we decided to launch URGE bike products brand with Bicycles and it has been one of the sensations during Eurobike show. We kept our promise by presenting the world’s first linen natural fiber helmet. Producing and keeping in mind that being eco friendly is one of our main goals.



Fabian Barel raced to fourth place in Canberra using the Urge linen-fiber prototype helmet.

We are proud to open a new way and to offer new perspectives in the world of MTB helmets. We want to be more eco friendly and we also want to take care of men and women who work to produce our helmets.


Fabien Barel rode this same helmet and took the 4th overall place at the World’s in . He battled hard and finished near a new title. This helmet is still a prototype but it is close to enter in production. We will release it soon.


Many of you came to the booth and commented the different design of URGE helmets. Many of you are today impatient to ride it. Be aware that the whole 2010 range will be available for the end of this year in every good shop.

You will be able to discover the range on the WWW.URGEBIKE.COM website on the 21st of September.