The Great American Outdoors Act Passed! Now What?

The Great American Outdoors Act Passed

That’s where you come in. Despite the heavy news these days, this is a moment to celebrate!

The Great American Outdoors Act has been passed by Congress and now heads to the president’s desk where it is expected to become law. You helped this happen! Your care, support and voice as an IMBA advocate made such a difference. Our Government Affairs team and its partner organizations were tenacious.

What does this mean for mountain biking?

It means $900 million guaranteed per year to support public lands and outdoor recreation through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). But, to ensure a fair allocation is applied to trail projects, every state must be ready with a recreation plan.

The work begins now! IMBA Local Partners must begin partnering with state recreation offices so mountain bike trail projects are included in state plans. IMBA must begin helping our IMBA Local Partners be effective at the table in every state.

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