By Zap

Let’s cut to the chase – Troy Lee is a success story of immense proportions. And I’m not just talking about how big his namesake company – Troy Lee Designs – has grown over the years, but moreso how some scraggly motocross grom would lean on a family tradition of racing motorcycles and laying down paint to become one of the world’s most recognized names in racing circles around the globe. From mountain bikes and motocross to Formula One and professional hockey and even college football (he designed the gold metal flake helmets for Norte Dame in 2011), the TLD logo has maintained a competitive spirit for over the last 40 years.

A few years ago I was approached  by The Pro’s Closet to lend some words on a video they produced about Troy…and this is the result…

For as long as we’ve known Troy Lee (over 40 years) Troy’s penchant for having mischief and fun is the only thing that might rival his penchant for great design.


From his early days painting helmets in a beat down shed, Troy Lee went on to parlay his enthusiasm and talent into the title sponsorship of one of America’s top motocross teams.


Troy comes from a family of racers and painters.


Before he started having Troy paint his helmets, 1992 UCI Downhill world champion Dave Cullinan was relying on TLD feather graphic kits for added flair.
Troy’s penchant for design as always found common ground with the long list of great racers that he has painted helmets for…like former factory Yamaha rider Damon Bradshaw.




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