Rebecca Rusch shares how she's doing since suffering a concussion in the fall of 2021, and she also brings us up to date on the plans for Rebecca's Private Idaho this coming summer

Rebecca Rusch, “The Queen of Pain.”

Hello Explorers,

Welcome to 2022! I trust you are already exploring this new calendar year with adventures and optimism.

While I think we are in for another year of events and situations that keep us on our toes, I know that we’ve been building resilience and tools to navigate with grace.

At my first endurance event of the year, I was pleased to witness a huge display of resilience and test my own as well. Two months post-concussion, I joined Jay Petervary for his annual Fat Bike Clinic and race in Idaho. Jay is a mentor and peer who has taught me much of what I know when it comes to surviving winter expeditions.

As part of his Backyard Series, this three-day clinic teaches survival tactics and best practices for fat biking and winter expeditions.

It was my first time teaching at the camp to give back to Jay and his community – the student becomes the teacher. We rode, slept in sub-zero temps, and even though I was an instructor, I am a perpetual student and the practice in these committing conditions is always needed.

The race was a long one. Due to TBI recovery, I was unsure of my mind and body fitness. I set some parameters for myself to keep me grounded and on a conservative pace. I ignored the other competitors, I vowed to only go as fast as I could while breathing through my nose, and I gave myself permission to drop out if my body/brain were not cooperating.

I had a wonderful self-supported exploration that took over 29 hours. A very long moving meditation that was just what I needed to remind myself of my own resilience. And while 29 hours seems like a very long time to go 125 miles, it was fast enough for the women’s win and 5th overall. An unexpected reward for my efforts.

Another win I want to share with each and every one of you was the success of our Be Good Foundation End of Year Fundraiser.

We successfully raised $25,000 and topped off 2021 as our biggest fundraising year to date.

Thanks to your support, we will continue to enrich communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution.

Your generosity fuels my resilience and continued faith that we can all continue to make the world a better place one pedal stroke at a time.

Be Good.

Registration for Rebecca’s Private Idaho (Aug 31 – Sept 4), RPI Remote  (Sept 4) & RPI BaseCamp spots are filling fast and early-bird pricing for RPI Sun Valley ends Feb 1
Updates and Reminders: 

  • Para Cycling Expanded Categories – For all races on Sunday, Sept 4 we now have separate recumbent and upright categories.
  • COVID Protocols – All RPI events, aside from packet pick up, are outside. During packet pick up we will require masks. We want everyone to feel safe at our event. See all COVID protocols outlined on our Event Policies page.
  • Be Good Foundation – All three RPI events (Sun Valley, Remote and BaseCamp) are a major fundraisers for the Be Good Foundation. We’ll be riding #gravelforgood. A true win-win no matter what place you finish.
Yes! You can book Rebecca to come speak to your company, non-profit, school, any group looking for new ideas and inspiration. From 1-hour talks to full-day workshops, Rebecca translates extraordinary experiences from decades as a world-class athlete, explorer, and entrepreneur into relatable terms to captivate and motivate your team, organization, or community. Whether you’re building a business, providing a service, or searching for a new adventure – Rebecca’s targeted topics are both broad and intimate, including personal development, self-motivation, rewards from risk-taking, and more!
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