The Path of a Real-Life Hero-Juan Carlos “JC” Hernandez

The Path of a Real-Life Hero-Juan Carlos
“JC” Hernandez

Good suffering: JC paces Rebecca Gross during the 2018 Breck Epic. Photo by: Eddie Clark/Breck Epic

Returning home exhausted after completing a six-hour ride in the hot Texas sun, Juan Carlos Hernandez, aka “JC,” turned the air conditioning on high, showered and crawled into his bed. Hours later he awoke, freezing. Springing out of bed to turn the A/C down, he made it exactly two steps before landing face first on the carpet. Reality still hadn’t quite sunk in, because just six months earlier, JC had his right leg amputated. He had removed his prosthetic just before he had gotten into bed. Focused on the single task of getting the A/C turned down, he was conscious that a crucial part of his body was missing, but not before crashing to the floor.

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