The Power of Consistency

It’s easy to sit back and watch our favorite riders perform daring stunts or showcase their skills with a signature style, but have you ever wondered how they got so good at what they do? Well, the answer is consistency. The power of consistency can lead anyone to learn a new skill, increase performance, or even take better care of his or her ride. Developing small habits makes all the difference, but is consistency just a form of willpower? Do riders need to force themselves into a grueling daily routine to become better? We believe consistency is created in a different way, but let me explain.

Leave It To Willpower

We used to believe that the only way to get truly good at something was to have a burning desire to do it and the willpower to force yourself to be disciplined; however, no matter how strong our desire or commitment, Iwe couldn’t make it last. We would find ourselves pushing towards a fitness goal or focusing on a skill we desperately wanted to learn only to be faced with frustration as we reached for nonexistent results. Sure, sometimes a skill would come quickly or we’d push to the point of exhaustion to meet a goal, but rarely is that the best way to accomplish anything.

Photo by Michal Cerveny/SCOTT-SRAM

Focus On Each Day

The real secret to unlocking your highest level of fitness or learning how to do something new is to dedicate a small part of each day to fulfilling that goal. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare for a quick workout or a few sprints up and down the street, baby steps forward produce big results over time. Just think, if you were to spend only 10 minutes a day working towards something, after a year, you would have spent 60 hours on that task.

Love What You Do

To get consistent in anything you do, you must love what you are doing. To keep that love alive, try cutting the activity short—before you want to quit—so you will come back day after day refreshed and full of excitement. When we push too long for too many days in a row, we will reach our burnout point; however, when we just get a small taste of daily progress, things seem to build over time.

Shaka, brah: Porter poses with his two young shredders, Milo and Owen.

Chase Your Dreams

Before you head out the door eager to reach for a new goal on your bike, start by clearly writing down what you’re striving for and what steps you plan to take to achieve it. Now you’ve created a road map where the power of consistency can come into play. We urge each and every one of you reading this to dream up one goal, skill or fitness level you’ve been trying to conquer and develop a plan to make it happen. After you have found your reason why, set realistic goals and create a plan of action that encourages consistency. If you do this, anything is possible.



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