The Scariest Course Preview Video You’ll Ever See

Former UCI World Cup racer and current Gstaad-Scott team manager Claudio Caluori has become famous for his hilarious course previews during race season. With his trademark enthusiasm and witty banter he has followed everyone from 2015 World Cup downhill champ Aaron Gwin to the fitness freaks on the XCO circuit. So what happens when he takes on Red Bull Rampage?

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“This is really the scariest thing I have ever done,” Caluori points out in the video above. “I’ve had three days with no sleep. This made me so nervous.”

When Caluori arrived at the Rampage venue on Sunday, he felt intimidated. When he climbed to the start gate on the mountain’s peak, he was terrified. By day two, Caluori was literally crouched on the razor edge of the top ridge, paralyzed by fear. Luckily for us, he overcame his demons and took “the easiest line down the mountain.”

The result is a glimpse into how a “regular” guy would ride Rampage — if “regular” means a racing veteran who was a professional downhill racer between 1998 and 2012.

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