Fill'er up!


Since you should be checking your tire pressure before every ride, you’ll be interacting with your tubeless tire’s valve stems often. Some valve stems work better than others and it’s one of the easiest ways to add a splash of style to your ride. Not running tubeless yet? Check out this step by step piece that shows you how. Here are ten of the best ways to upgrade your bike’s valve stems.

Muc-Off V2

V2 tubeless valves are stronger, lighter and even easier to use thanks to the machined, aircraft-grade, 7075 aluminum and Muc-Off’s new Tire Insert airflow system. The new design features six slots that are machined into the base of the valve stem, allowing tubeless sealant fluid and air to flow freely, even when running tubeless tire inserts.

Price: $30




These aluminum valve stems are designed to work with Milkit’s sealant injection system but also work without it. They have rubber flaps at the bottom of the valve stem designed to prevent sealant from clogging the stem and air from escaping while injecting sealant. Milkit’s stems are available in 35mm, 45mm, 55mm and 75mm lengths.

Price: $36



Reserve Wheels Fillmore

The Fillmore features a new valve design with a self-clearing poppet that increases airflow and is claimed to eliminate clogged valves. The threaded cap allows you to back off and air down to the perfect tire pressure with micro-adjustable precision.

Price: $50–$70




The TCS valve has a tapered design for optimal fit on a wide variety of rims. A removable valve core allows for fast cleaning and uninterrupted airflow. The valve is available in brass, as well as gram-saving alloy in 34mm and 46mm lengths.

Price: $16, brass; $25, alloy



Orange Seal VersaValve

The VersaValve stem utilizes a large, sturdy base plate that can be fitted on different rims using rubber grommets. The large base plate ensures a solid contact with the rim bed, and the adaptable grommets guarantee an airtight fit on most rims for mountain or road use. The VersaValve kit comes with everything you need, including several color choices for the rim nut.

Price: $27.50



CushCore Valve Set

CushCore tubeless air valves are specially designed to work with a tire insert, like the ones CushCore makes. The air passageway is T-shaped rather than a simple through-hole, which prevents the insert from obstructing airflow through the valve. The ones you get with your kit are green, but they make eight other custom options.

Price: $25


Mynesweepers Valve Set

Mynesweepers valves are designed to work with tire inserts and any rim shape. The no-clog, max-airflow base solves problems associated with strong sealant and tire inserts. The base has four side holes and a complete bore end to end. The base is machined to accept a 4mm Allen/hex key for easy tensioning and removal. Trailside removal with messy hands is a breeze with a 4mm Allen. The tension nut is machined with flat sides to accept a 9mm, open-ended or adjustable wrench.

Price: $25



Industry Nine Valve Set

Industry Nine’s valve set feature a clog-resistant system with an oversized bore near the internal rim rubber seal and a machined extension of the valve past the seal. The removable core makes for easier sealant installation, inflation or accommodation of valve extension courtesy of standard-type extenders. The valves have both an O-ring and a threaded washer to keep the rim scratch-free and to keep the washer tight.

Price: $21



MonE Bikes Brass

If you care more about style than weight, Mone’s brass valve-stem caps will catch your eye. The engraved hex-shaped caps are available by themselves or with brass-colored valve stems for just $10 more.

Price: $45–$55


Stan’s No Tubes Brass Valve Stems

The original tubeless valve stem. Fits most rims and is a perfect fit for all Stan’s BST rim models. Durable brass construction with removable valve core makes adding sealant easy.

Price: $18


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