The Way Things Used To Be



losing what would have been her only World Cup win. Later that summer, she found consolation in winning the bronze medal at the Olympics.


A longtime star of both skiing and mountain biking videos, Richie Schley showed us some of his favorite lines at Whistler in the summer of 2009.


Back in 2012 the MBA staff headed north to check out the highly touted trails near Bend, Oregon, with the help of the folks at Cogwild Adventures. Lev Stryker (shown here) was more than happy to be our guide on the spectacular McKenzie River Trail.



Kelly “McGazza” McGarry pulled off this no-handed backflip at Whistler’s Crankworx festival in 2012. One of the best-liked riders on the freeride circuit, he shocked the world when he died of a heart attack at the age of 33 while mountain biking in his native New Zealand in 2016. He has since been remembered with…

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