By Mike Cushionbury

The double-wide trailer is in the garage. It is sitting down, sad, confused and unwilling to move to the next race after the bad news that hit the mountain bike community this week. That news is the confession of Former World Champion, Jerome Chiotti that he used EPO to win a championship. The only thing that will make the silver and purple, double-wide jump out of the garage is the knowledge that Junior riders like Jason Codding exist. That’s it. And, because it is the young riders that are going take our sport to the next level, you will get the good news first and the bad news last.


Living in Lake Forest, California, and attending Trabuco Hills high school, 17-year-old Jason Codding was a member of last years Junior National Downhill Team. Unfortunately he didn’t finish the run that counted in Are, Sweden because of a crash that tore off both disc brake lines. None-the-less, he started off this year right by winning the Junior Expert Downhill at the Sea Otter Classic. So far he has two Junior Expert NORBA National downhill wins on his resume and a whole bunch of top five’s. In 1993, Jason began racing motocross. In ’94, he started racing BMX and in ’97 graduated to downhill. He still rides BMX and dirt jumps along with cross-country mountain biking and road riding. Jason maintains a high school GPA of 3.5 and says his goals
this year are to win the Junior Expert Downhill National Championship and
place in the top five at the World Championships in the junior downhill. In
his free time he likes to hang with friends, shoot photos, skate/snowboard,
watch auto racing on TV and play Sony Playstation.

Jason’s worst crash of all time was in May of 1999 when he was dirt jumping on his BMX bike. He says he landed chin first and peeled his chin off the bone (it was still attached under the jaw-line but not under the mouth). Jason remained unconscious until he was at the hospital. A plastic surgeon was called in to sew the chin back on: 50 stitches on the outside and 150 on the inside. His sponsors are Troy Lee Designs, Powerbar, Spy Optics, Answer/Manitou, GT Bicycles and SDG saddles.(Photo by Anthony Munoz)


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