Throwback Thursday: Bike Lights from 30 Years Ago

The bike and helmet lights of 30 years ago don’t look anything like the bike lights we find today. Check out this Brite-Lite from 1988 (above).Night Sun’s dual beam system (above) was designed so that it could be run as a single-beam flood or a more powerful flood-and-spotlight combo. Back in 1988, Night Sun was the brightest off-road lighting system around.

Night Sun offered three types of battery packs. The one above could be put inside a water bottle cage.


The Cycle Ops helmet-mounted headlight was huge. So were the Oakley lenses?

The API Super Light offered easy mounting, a nice light pattern and solid construction. We wonder how many of these are still in use today. We found that the extra-large lead acid battery was so heavy that the velcro system used to hold it in place on the bike couldn’t keep it in place. We had to put the battery on a rear rack to use it successfully.

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