Throwback Thursday: July 1988

The Specialized Stumpjumper Epic of 1988 had carbon fiber frame tubes and Biopace chainrings. They only made 400 of this model that year. It was priced at $2400.

We’re not sure now who the test rider was on the Stumpjumper Epic, but he definitely had good balance.

In our article introducing recent converts to the sport, we extolled the joys of racing, which probably haven’t changed a whole lot in the past 30 years.

In talking about mountain bike racing, we also mentioned cyclocross racing as a sport mountain bikers might enjoy.

We tested the Rocky Mountain Avalanche in our July 1988 issue. At the time, we felt that the Ritchey Force stem was about one inch too long for the Avalanche. Bikes were a lot different in those days than they are now.

We felt the Rocky Mountain Avalanche gearing might have been okay for a pro racer, but the gearing was such that some of our test riders couldn’t even ride the bike uphill. That rear cassette was tiny!

The Fisher Hoo-Koo-E-Koo bike was an entry-level bike aimed at newcomers to the mountain bike world. For that reason the bike offered a tall stem that was designed to make the bike more comfortable for people who preferred sitting more upright while riding. The bike sold for $750.

“Kenda’s 1.9-inch sneakers aren’t the hot racing setup,” we said of the Fisher’s tires, “but they’ll do to protect the rims until you put on your personal choice. Rims are Araya RM-20s.”

Check out the handlebars and stem on the Brodie Romax bike that was on the market in 1988. We wonder if the bikes of 2048 will make today’s bikes look as outdated as this one does now.

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