Throwback Thursday: Mountain Bike Gadgets and Gizmos from 30 Years Ago

Early disc brake: While disc brakes are the norm in 2019, they were very rare 30 years ago, when almost all mountain bike riders were using cantilever-style rim brakes. MBA spotted this primitive-looking disc brake at a mountain bike event in late 1988. “Both Magura and Mathauser have working units of their hydraulic brakes and custom disc units have been popping up at the local races using Shimano parts,” we said of this photo, which appeared in our February 1989 issue.

The Mt. Zefal was a double-barrelled floor  pump that was designed to work with both road and mountain bike tires. The pump had a large pressure gauge at the base and a reversible hose that worked with both presta and Schraeder valves. Back in 1988, mountain bikes were catching on quickly, and product designers worked hard to make sure to that their products would work well for the large and rapidly growing mountain bike market.

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