Throwback Thursday: Racing in California, 2008

This was part of the USA Cycling National Championship Series back in 2008. The date was May 17th, and the race was held in the Santa Ynez Valley in California, located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. That is Kona’s Barry Wicks leading Tasmanian Sid Taberlay and Todd Wells here. The temperature reached 102 degrees this particular afternoon. The heat was brutal. Taberlay won, Geoff Kabush got second, Wicks got third and Wells got fourth.

The rolling hills of Santa Ynez Valley made for a very scenic place for racing. Sometimes the weather is great. Other times, like this weekend, it can be over 100 degrees._

Dual slalom racing at Los Olivos was always a blast. This was the late afternoon of May 17, 2008, with the air temperature still up near 100 degrees._

One thing that people in Southern California know about the tall yellow grass is that it’s a bad idea to walk through it, if you can possibly avoid it. The grass has these things called “foxtails” that get stuck in your shoes and socks and then poke your skin like thorns every time you move. MBA photographer John Ker has sometimes had to spend more than an hour pulling literally hundreds of foxtails out of his shoes and socks after an event.

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