Throwback Thursday: Sea Otter Dual Slalom, 2010—Greg Minnaar vs. Steve Peat

Classic action from 14 years ago

The Dual Slalom race has been one of the most spectacular competitions at the Sea Otter Classic for many years. While checking out our photos  from years past, we found this one of Greg Minnaar (left) and Steve Peat racing together in 2010. The two riders are best known for their downhill abilities. Both of them were UCI Downhill World Champions and multi-time World Cup Series champions. While we don’t hear about dual slalom anymore, the top downhill riders have usually been great dual-slalom racers, too.

As it turned out, Minnaar came out on top in this matchup with Peaty in 2010,  but Greg didn’t take the overall win.  (Two years earlier, Minnaar and Peaty finished first and second in the Sea Otter’s 2008 Dual Slalom.) In the Sea Otter’s 2010 Dual Slalom, Mick Hannah took the win, Aaron Gwin placed second, and Minnaar finished fifth. Peaty finished farther back.

The next day, in the Sea Otter’s 2010 Pro Men’s Downhill, Peaty took eighth, while Minnaar finished farther back.  For, Steve Peat,  one of the top downhill riders in history, an eighth in the downhill may not sound like much, but it’s further proof that when the Sea Otter is happening, and it doesn’t clash with the World Cup schedule, the California event will often draw a wide selection of the world’s best racers.

Getting back to the 2010 Sea Otter, Jared Graves won the Pro Men’s Downhill and Aaron Gwin took second. The following  year, 2011, Gwin would win five World Cup Downhill races—the most that any man has ever won in a single year, along with his first of five World Cup Series titles.

(Photo by John Ker/Mountain Bike Action)

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