Throwback Thursday: The 1987 Raleigh Technium Mountain Bike World Championships

Mammoth Mountain, California,

In 1987, there were two races billed as the Mountain Bike World Championships. One took place in Europe, and the next one took place at Mammoth Mountain, California, the following weekend. As it turned out, Ned Overend won both the European and American World Champion titles in the Men’s Cross-Country category that year. Ned also won the Men’s Hillclimb at Mammoth.

Joe Sloup took the Men’s Downhill win at Mammoth Mountain, while Cindy Whitehead took the Women’s Downhill win. Sara Ballantyne won both the Women’s Cross-Country and the Hillclimb at Mammoth.

When it came to consistency, though, nobody could beat Margaret Day, who took second at Mammoth Mountain in the Women’s Cross-Country, second in the Women’s Downhill and second in the Women’s Hillclimb.

John Tomac, who had been winning most of the big races before Mammoth, told MBA that he felt like he peaked too early in the season that year. Tomac felt like he was at his best a month earlier, while Ned was at his strongest at Mammoth. Tomac took second in the Men’s Hillclimb and third in the Men’s Cross-Country. Unfortunately, Tomac got a flat front tire in the Men’s Downhill event at Mammoth, so he missed winning that event, too, coming in 70 seconds behind Joe Sloup.

BMX legend Stu Thomsen took fourth in the Men’s Downhill.




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