Time to Whip Off the Dust at Red Bull Rampage

Despite what the Red Bull Rampage highlight reels might suggest, everything that happens on course is not full-throttle craziness all the time. After four days of digging and a bold first-time huck off the GoPro Step-down, some of the Rampage riders wanted to knock the dust off and hit some fun jumps.

“We’re having a little warm-up sesh,” says Ryan “R-Dogg” Howard in the video above. “You can’t just start off with the completely ‘hane’ stuff. We’re just getting comfy on the bikes.”

Howard, Brandon Semenuk, Mitch Ropelato, Bernard Kerr, Jeff Herbertson, and Carson Storch all rode the lower line, unofficially dubbed the “Flow Fest Line.”

“There are like 10 jumps from the GoPro Step-down to the bottom,” says Rampage rookie Carson Storch. “We’re having a nice session, cruisin’ them, having some fun.”

While the mood was mellow, a hint of what’s to come this week could be felt in the air: R-Dog oozing style, Semenuk flowing like only he can, and Ropelato whipping his bike so far sideways that he almost went down, salvaging it with his World Cup DH instincts.

And so it begins.

Watch the action unfold in the webcast of finals on Sunday, September 28, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT on the official Red Bull Rampage site as well as Red Bull TV.

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