Tip of the Day: Riding Slick-Rock

Riding on slick-rock is a ton of fun.  It brings a whole new element to riding.  There are countless line choices and plenty of places to pump the bike and create a fun trail with a lot of flow.

One of the best ways to start riding slick-rock is to find a fairly level section where you can get the hang of how the tires interact on the surface.  You usually want to do all your braking with the bike in an upright position, to avoid the back-end from sliding out.  Once you start riding steeper sections, you want to first look ahead and visualize where you’re going to go.  As you start off down the slope, be easy on the brake levers and modulate the front and rear brakes evenly and in a controlled manner.  Avoid jerking the brake levers, to avoid skidding the tire and losing traction.

Then just focus on your line and commit to it.

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