Tip of the Day: Hitting Blind Drops

Blind drops can be very intimidating since the landing remains hidden until you’re already committed.  Whether it’s a small 1-foot drop, or a 7-footer, the approach can be nerve racking to say the least.

We find preparation to be key here.  When a blind drop is encountered on the trail, we recommend setting the bike down and walking up to the obstacle to size it up.  Visualize your approach.  Look at the trail leading up to the drop and pace up to the drop.  Run up to the take-off at the speed that feels right to you and picture where that pace will put you on the landing.

Once you feel comfortable with your approach, grab your bike and protective gear and line-up for the drop.  Visualize successfully dropping the obstacle.  Keep that image in your head.  If the trail permits, even do a few run-ups to the drop while on the bike to get a feel for it.

Now commit and go for it.


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