Tip of the Day: Keep your Suspension Clean

Suspension forks and shocks are some of the most expensive parts on bikes.  They are also one of the more sensitive items on the bike to dirt and other contaminants.  To keep these sliders running nice and smooth for a long time, it is very important to keep them clean.

  1. Start by finding a clean new micro-fiber towel.  It is extremely important to use a soft, non-abrasive, towel. You want to avoid scratching the fork and shock stanchions at all costs.
  2. Clean the stanchions of the fork and rear shock using the micro-fiber towel.  Be careful not to push any debris into the dust wiper.  If there is heavy dirt and grime, we suggest using isopropyl alcohol first, by spraying the alcohol onto the stanchions and wiping them clean with the micro-fiber towel.

keeping your suspension clean ready for web 1

3.  Move down the fork and shock stanchions, to the dust wiper, and clean around the seal to remove any dirt or oil seepage.

4.  Inspect the fork and shock to make sure all is clean.

keeping your suspension clean ready for web 2

We highly recommend that you clean your fork and shock like this after each ride at the very least.  Cleaning after each ride makes each session super easy and keeps dirt from sneaking past the dust wipers and into the fork.

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