Tip of the Day: Packing for All-Day Rides

Some of the best rides we have ever gone on are the ones that take us to uncharted or remote terrain. These rides typically last half a day or more, and bring us deep into the mountains. The hardly-travelled trails and the beautiful scenery leaves us with a feeling of wonder, accomplishment and legends to tell for years to come. Although these all-day adventures are fun, it’s important to be prepared going into it. We have learned the hard way on what to bring going into these types of rides. The following items are a good starting point on what to pack in a hydration pack for long rides that bring you far from any trailhead.

Also, stay tuned for an upcoming issue of Mountain Bike Action Magazine, where we go over how and what to pack for overnight bikepacking adventures, if you want to extend your bike trip into a camping adventure.


Here’s a good starting point:

1. Hydration bladder with at least 3 liters of capacity (always top it off, trust us)

2. Hydration pack with plenty of storage and padded shoulder straps

3. Two spare tubes (never know what luck you’ll have)

4. Trail pump

5. Tire levers

6. Patch kit (with vulcanizing cement)

7. Multi-tool with chain-breaker

8. Quick-link for the chain (these come in specific configurations depending on if the chain is a 9 -, 10-, or 11-speed)

9. Pocket knife (some repairs in the woods require ingenuity, a pocket-knife opens up the possibilities when the multi-tool just won’t do)

10. Zip-ties

11. Bite and sting kit (these kits are not too expensive and can help big time if needed)

12. Bandage tape and non-stick pad (for the just in case)

13. Plenty of snacks (sometimes that 3-hour ride can turn into a 6-hour ride, be prepared)

Tip of the Day - packing for all-day rides with numbers

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