Wintertime Riding Tips

Wintertime Riding Tips

Winter time riding

Although it may not seem like winter is closing in yet for many of us, it is just around the corner.  Here are a few pointers to keep the ride fun and bike functioning this time of year.

First and foremost, make sure to wear clothes that will keep you comfortable in the cold, rain, and even snow.  A good waterproof riding jacket can be very valuable, since they are typically lightweight and help you stay dry.  Avoid clothes that will soak up and hold onto water.  Depending on the temperature, sometimes lighter riding gear is better for riding in wet conditions since it doesn’t get as heavy when it gets wet.

Also, wear protective eyewear such as riding glasses or goggles to keep mud from splashing up into your eyes.  However, beware that in cold conditions, fogging of the lenses can become a problem.  Many manufactures offer eyewear with an anti-fog coating to combat this.

The bike sees the most abuse during this time of year.  Mud and snow can tear through brake pads, even when you’re not using the brakes much.  The drivetrain and bearings also get pounded by mud and snow.  We suggest cleaning the bike and re-lubricating the chain after each muddy ride.  The key is to not let the mud or snow sit on the bike after the ride.  Clean it as soon as you can to keep the bike from feeling like it’s grinding rock.

Although this time of year can be tough on the bike, some of the most fun we have had riding was during rain.  Have fun!



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