Tips For Avoiding Mountain Bike Injuries

Tips for Avoiding Mountain Bike Injuries

If you are living an active lifestyle and you have a passion for mountain biking, you need to know all the preparations to have a successful ride and most importantly, how to avoid injuries. Bike-related injuries can go from minor scratches to traumatic injuries that require time off of work for you to recover. There are also non-traumatic injuries from the abusive use of muscles, ligaments, and joints. Follow these tips to increase your protection and avoid potential injuries while you ride your bike.

Be Fit

Staying fit will help prevent wear-and-tear injuries; especially back injuries. Bikers have a hunched-over position and their cores are in constant strain. You may want to concentrate on training your core by doing lateral raises and bicycle crunches to strengthen your usual biker’s position.

Get Flexible

Your fitness routine should involve flexibility workouts to help you travel a trail and decrease your chances of getting an injury. Yoga is a perfect stretching workout that compliments your biking activities. Yoga workouts also help build your strength and flexibility.

Do Some Warm-Ups Before Riding

It would be best if you did five to ten-minute warm-ups before riding your bike. A regular burpee is an excellent all-body warm-up, especially when followed by stretches. If you are not feeling warm-ups, you could at least ride a steady 15 to 20 minutes smooth riding on a flat surface.

Know Your Ride

Before going out on a bike ride, you should at least have a plan on starting and ending your journey. It would be best if you had a program that considers time, location, and intensity of your ride. Set a time on how long you will finish your entire trip. If you ride for an extended period, your fatigue may lead you to a severe injury.

Condition Your Mountain Bike

You need to do a full inspection on your bike and look for anything to fix. You also need to finely tune all working parts of your bike and replace any…

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