Tips For Avoiding Mountain Bike Injuries


broken parts. Make sure that all bolts and screws are in good condition, and all components of your bike are working.

Wear Your Helmet

Wearing your helmet should be a common practice on the trail or the road. It is the most basic protective gear that every cyclist should follow.

Wear Cycling Eyeglasses

Wearing cycling glasses is one of your primary protections during your ride. It prevents you from getting dirt in your eyes that can throw you off-balance once you can’t see. There are clear glasses and sunglasses depending on your bike route and the weather.

Wear Your Body Armor

Aside from wearing your helmet and cycling glasses, you should also wear knee and arm pads. Wearing your protective gear can lessen the chances of getting injuries like bruises and scratches.

Always Bring Water

It would be best if you remember that it is imperative to keep hydrated when you are riding your bike. You should at least carry fifty percent more water than you plan on bringing. You can restore your energy by hydrating yourself during your ride.

Keep Your Glucose Levels Up

Glucose is a good source of energy, and you can find them in energy bars, energy drinks, or energy gels. You can have small snacks during your bike breaks.

Riding your mountain bike involves the risk of injuries, but you can prevent many from happening. Avoiding these mountain bike injuries should be on top of your mind, but should you experience an injury due to the negligence or willful act of another, make sure that you have an personal injury attorney that you can turn to. Your knowledge about how you should ride your mountain bike will guarantee you a fun and exciting experience.


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