New ways to find trail grip


Few components are more critical to your mountain bike’s performance than tires. They are quite literally the only thing that is in direct contact with the trail. Pick the right tire and you will be rewarded with traction, control, comfort and reliability. Get it wrong and your best case senerio is less enjoyment. Worst case? Well, let’s stay postive and not think about that. Below are ten of the newest tires to hit the market this year. And for more information on how to pick your best tire and why it matters check out our feature story all about tires.

Terrene Yippee Ki Yay

This 27.5-inch fat bike tire is designed to excel in more than just snow and soft conditions—this is a year-round-use tire. An aggressive tread design with large lugs is intended to increase traction in most conditions for aggressive riders. Studded versions for icy conditions are also available for $80 more.

Price: $ 119

Wheel-size options: 27.5”

Width: 4.3”

Claimed weight: 1,565 grams


Bontrager SE6 and SE5 Team Issue TLR

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Bontrager’s newest SE6 and SE5 are a tip of the hat to Maxxis’ most popular models, the Assagai and Minion DHR II. These tires are designed for trail to enduro race use and feature a tacky TM-Grip compound and supple 120 TPI construction. Core Strength Casing adds extra sub tread and sidewall protection for aggressive riding.

Price: $85

Wheel-size options: 27.5” (SE5 only), 29”

Width: 2.5”

Claimed weight: 1,026 grams (SE5, 29”), 1,045 grams (SE6)


Schwalbe Wicked Will

The redesigned Wicked Will is designed to excel in XC to trail riding by combining rolling speed and traction into one tire. It fills the gap between the speedy Racing Ralph and grippier Nobby Nic. Tightly spaced ramped center tread offers speed, while more aggressive outer knobs give cornering traction. It is available in three different casing options, ranging from the lightweight Super Race to heavy-duty Super Trail

Price: $95

Wheel-size options: 29”

Width: 2.4”

Claimed weight: 820 grams (Super Race casing)


Teravail Warwick

Teravail calls its latest design a progressive trail tire that is versatile enough to span the range of riding conditions—from aggressive XC riding to enduro. A firm center compound and ramped knobs decrease rolling resistance, while side and transition knobs are softer for more cornering bite. You can choose from fast-rolling or high-grip compounds, as well as black or tan sidewalls.

Price: $85

Wheel-size options: 27.5”, 29”

Width: 2.3” (29”), 2.5”

Claimed weight: 953 grams (29”/Light and Supple)


Onza Ibex

First introduced in 2008, Onza’s all-around trail tire with hoof prints of the animal that inspired the design in its tread, the Ibex, sees a total redesign for 2022. It sees a more aggressive tread pattern and increased knob height with tighter spacing. They are available in skin-wall or black versions and with a lighter TRC or heavy-duty GRC casing for Gravity and eMTB riding.

Price: $80

Wheel-size options: 27.5”, 29”

Width: 2.4”, 2.6”

Claimed weight: 880 grams (Trail casing, 29×2.4”)


WTB Trail Boss TCS Light Fast Rolling

All of WTB’s TCS Light single-ply mountain tires like the Trail Boss are now available with its new SG2 puncture protection. SG2 replaces the old Slash Guard and is a lightweight nylon layer that protects all areas of the tire while improving sidewall stability and overall tire support without resorting to dual ply casing weight.

Price: $77

Wheel-size options: 29”

Width: 2.4”

Claimed weight: 972 grams


Versus All-Mountain

This all-around trail tire is designed to excel in a wide variety of conditions, ranging from hardpack to loam. The tubeless-ready tire features a casing with a Versa-woven protecton layer for puncture protection and better air retention. An aggressive dual-compound tread has ramped center knobs for reduced rolling resistance. They are available with a lighter Trail or heavier Gravity casing and in black or wild-looking splatter rubber colors.

Price: $68

Wheel-size options: 27.5”, 29”

Width: 2.4”

Claimed weight: 1,050 grams (29×2.4” Trail)


Delium Steady

This tire (and the rest of Delium’s line) is designed to deliver a high-performance-to-dollar ratio out on the trail. Even with the value price it has high-end features, a dual-compound tread and sidewall protection layer. The Steady is available in a Light or heavier-duty All-Around casing for $10 more. It is tubeless-ready and eMTB approved, too.

Price: $35

Wheel-size options: 27.5”, 29”

Width: 2.4”

Claimed weight: 850 grams (29×2.4”, Light)


Pirelli Scorpion XC RC

Pirelli has expanded its Scorpion XC RC line to include a new 2.4-inch-wide version to meet the evolving needs of modern cross-country racing. They are specifically designed to be paired to a 30mm-wide rim and feature a fast-rolling low-profile tread for all-out speed. The XC RC is available in two versions: Lite for maximum weight reduction and ProWall for greater sidewall protection and cornering stability.

Price: $75

Wheel-size options: 29”

Width: 2.2”, 2.4”

Claimed weight: 650 grams (29×2.4” Lite)


Wolfpack MTB Enduro

The new Wolfpack tire line intends to offer high performance at a reasonable price. Its most aggressive tire, the MTB Enduro model, features widely spaced tall knobs that are heavily siped for traction. Its ToGuard compound is designed to reduce rolling resistance while offering a high level of grip.

Price: $60

Wheel-size options: 27.5”, 29”

Width: 2.4”, 2.6”

Claimed weight: 895 grams (29X2.4”)