Titanium takes-on Enduro with the new 2015 Kingdom Hex

When it comes to All-Mountain bikes, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to stand out.  There are many great suspension platforms and geometries out there to fit any rider.  However, Kingdom Bike takes a different approach with their all-new, handmade titanium 2015 Hex.  This new All-Mountain machine sports 145mm (5.7″) of travel from its aerospace grade titanium (Ti-3AL-2.5V) frame.  The frame is suppose to deliver a unique ride, with minimal maintenance and a reliable suspension platform.

Kingdom Bike states that the frame with shock, weighs in at 3.12kg (6.88 lbs), with complete bikes coming in at 11.9kg (26.24 lbs).

The Hex’s suspension utilizes carbon links, fitted with enduro max bearings and is held together with titanium washers and fixings.  The frame features allowance for internal routing of dropper seatposts.  Additionally, Kingdom includes a 35mm alloy CNC stem with each purchase to put the rider in what they believe is the best position for the Hex.

The Hex is offered with your choice of shocks:

  • X-Fusion O2
  • Rockshox Monarch RT3
  • Fox Float X
  • Cane Creek DB Air CS
  • Cane Creek DB Inline

The Hex sounds like a fun, all around bike.  Be sure to keep an eye out for them as they start popping up.


Hex Frame specs






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