Tito Tomasi: Epic Journey Through Nepal

Short story by Tito Tomasi.

Embrace the adventure, discover the life in the Himalayas through great riding and meetings along the trail.

In october last year, I was travelling in Nepal for a few weeks with my film crew. We decided to do a trek in the Langtang national park. To film and ride, but most important for us, we wanted to document the life condition in the mountains after the earthquake in April
It was a strong experience for all of us, the people inspired me because of their strength, their positive mind and beauty.
While riding and walking in tough conditions we were experiencing the mountain life, the cold, the doubt as everything was destroyed. We discovered the landscape of Himalaya, the giants of rock and ice were so impressive. Driven trough the mountains, the passes and valleys we followed the pilgrims mark to the very sacred place of Gosaikunda. The culture is vibrant and alive, a true experience. The lakes and stream coming from the rocks above 4000 meters under a pure sky. A strong place that remains hard to explain today with words in our modern word.
In Nepal we are living with the gods, a travel out of time in another world, we found ourself in this place. This is what travelling is about. Learning.

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In order to help a little, I have created with my wife a non profit organisation “Vive la Vie”. We are raising money to help an orphanage in Katmandou, Nepal Nima organisation called “Bouddha’s helping hand”.
Donations, but also artwork to sell and champion’s jersey (barel, clementz, vouilloz, bruni …) visit www.vive-la-vie.org for more



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