Titus Moto-Lite


$1395 (Frame)

26.8 pounds

5.25-inch rear wheel travel

Titus, (480) 894-8452

Maxi test: January 2006

Highlights: The Moto-Lite’s geometry shifts between sizes to insure that riders of differing physiques can experience the same quality of handling and performance. The Moto-Lite’s geometry leans strongly towards the cross-country racer side of the box. The Moto-Lite’s steering geometry is steeper than 69-degree trailbikes, so it felt cross-country quick at first. At singletrack speeds, however, the Titus became an integral part of its rider. Nimble and light, the Moto-Lite could claw its way up or swoosh down almost anything that nature and forest trail builders could throw in front of it.

Best quote: “The longer-stroke fork rolls over rock steps and keeps the bike moving over rough trail surfaces. The same can be said of its rear suspension. The net effect of the Moto-Lite’s longer legs is a greater level of pedaling efficiency in real-life trail riding situations.”

Bottom line: The Moto-Lite is the perfect ?’One Bike?”-Titus style. This is an ultra-capable trailbike that can do just about anything in the hands of a good rider. The Moto-Lite is about maximizing the technical skills of an accomplished cross-country trail rider or boosting the range and climbing abilities of an experienced technical specialist.

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