Check out who comes out on top when two of the world's best XC racers are compared, head-to-head


While Nino Schurter has been said to be the greatest cross-country mountain bike racer of all time, and maybe even “the greatest mountain biker of all time,” Tom Pidcock has been working to undermine Nino’s efforts. Two of those times where Pidcock beat Nino were in the Olympics in Tokyo (held in 2021, where  Pidcock won the gold medal and Nino took fourth) and the XCO World Championships in 2023, where Pidcock won the world title and Nino came in third. Of course, Nino has beaten Pidcock a number of times, too. One of those times was the 2022 XCO World Championship, where Nino won the gold medal and Pidcock finished fourth.

The website compares any two riders you want to compare. You pick two mountain bike riders and the site will show you how they have fared when they have raced against each other in the past. We typed in Pidcock’s and Nino’s names to see how they compared.

The website shows 24 times that Pidcock and Nino have raced together. Of those 24 times, according to, Pidcock has beaten Nino 15 times and Nino has beaten Pidcock nine times. That means that Pidcock has finished ahead of Nino in 62.5% of their races, and Nino has beaten Pidcock 37.5% of the time.

We can’t guarantee that has accurately recorded all of their matchups, but it looks to us like the website has done a good job of showing the dates and locations of their matchups and revealing how each rider finished in those races. What’s more, if you click on the links to the races that they include, you can see the results for the races yourself

Here’s a look at the graphic that MTB DATA shared on their website, comparing Thomas Pidcock and Nino Schurter:

After they share that information, they include the links to each of the races where the two riders competed, and they show how each rider finished in those races. You can also click on the races they talk about and check out the full results for everyone in those races.

The heights and weights of the riders are based on the metric system. We did the conversion to find out what those figures would be in the U.S. system. According to MTBDATA, Pidcock is 5.58 feet, which works out to right around 5 feet 7 inches. Nino is 5.68 feet, which rounds off to 5 feet 8 inches.

Converting Pidcock’s weight in kilograms would put him right around 128 pounds. Nino would be right around 150 pounds.

MTBDATA is a handy site to use if you want to compare two riders to see how they have stacked up against each other in the past. The site actually shows the two riders’ finish places in all the races that they’re including, so if you want to check to see if the websites’ figures are accurate, you can check the results from their races for yourself.

Nino just won his 36th World Cup race this past weekend, and MTB DATA already shows Nino as having won 36 World Cup races, so it looks like they’re doing a good job of staying up to date with the results.

Here’s the link to their website and their comparison between Tom Pidcock and Nino Schurter:



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