Top 5 Absolute Best Mountain Biking Trails In the US

Top 5 Absolute Best Mountain Biking Trails In the US

Over the past few years, what first started out as a simple hobby and exercise option for some has now become one of the most sought-after activities around. Yes, I’m talking about mountain biking. While there are professional mountain biking competitions around the world, where fans of the sport can even bet online for their favorite racers, let’s talk more on the recreational side of the activity.

 Be it that you’re just starting off in the world of MB’s or you’re a seasoned pro, having a list of some of the best spots around to practice and go for rides is always a welcome addition. So here are our choices for five of the absolute best mountain biking trails that the United States has to offer.


It’s only right to start out this list with a trail in the birthplace of the sport of mountain biking, the state of California. Given the fact that California offers so many different styles of terrains to ride in, picking just one trail to be the best can be kind of hard, but with that said, Mills Peak takes the prize here. With a 3,000 foot drop over 8,5 miles of turns and a seemingly never-ending smell of pine going through the ambiance who could possibly say no to this gem of a trail. If there was ever a trail that bikers could say was built specifically for riding, it’s Mills Peak without a shadow of a doubt.



Now, while California can boast about having some of the most famous MB trails not just in the country but in the world, then Sun Valley Idaho can boast about having one of the absolute best yet severely underrated trails in the Osberg Ridgeline Trail. This backcountry, all-around 12-mile ride along an exposed spine and offering some stunningly beautiful scenic views along the way gives riders everything they ever wished for in a fun, flowy trail. Make sure to not miss the “Forbidden Fruit” loop, a must-see and ride for all riders hitting the Sun Valley.


So we’ve given you the best location in California, land of the birth of mountain biking and we’ve given you a hidden gem in Idaho, now let’s talk about a local secret spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Torry Ridge is not exactly for everyone, because of its technical and strenuous paths and the difficulty that some of its parts offer even the most experienced riders. Starting out with a gruesome five-mile climb up to the actual ridge, afterwards comes a seven-mile descent that takes riders through a beautifully scenic spine and a few rock gardens that will make humble believers out of everyone riding. Make sure your bike has a top of the line suspension system and make sure you are packing some serious strength, adrenaline and bravado, afterwards everything is easier.


For those of you who, when thinking about New Mexico automatically assume that it’s all cacti and deserts, you should really look into Taos and experience for yourself what some of the absolute best mountain biking terrains in the southwest look like. South Boundary in specific is known as the quintessential riding spot for bikers looking for a great mix of terrains and conditions. In South Boundary you can get your fix for classic high-alpine riding, passing through a wide variety of terrains like meadows, aspen groves and rocky formations. It offers a perfect mix of conditions and loops for riders looking to get the most out of their visit to Taos.


Have you ever noticed how Oregon just feels like a perfect gigantic mountain biking trail? While in Oregon you will find many and believe us when we say many, great, must-ride trails, the consensus choice for best in the state is the McKenzie River Trail in Blue River. Picture a mostly downhill, 26-mile long trail through some of the most beautiful foliage in the country, while biking next to trees that are over 300 years old, across fields that used to be lava fields and even waterfalls that just make you want to stop at every point possible to take pictures or just take the scenery in. If you’re a fan of over the top, scenic rides, this is the perfect place for you.



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