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Tech features:

Topeak’s PrepStand eUP Pro works similarly to a dropper seatpost with a pressurized N2 cartridge in the base that provides a claimed 37 pounds of lifting power to help lift the bike into the ideal position for work. This cartridge is activated by a foot pedal attached to the stand via a brake cable that is easily removed for transport. The cable holds its tension using two barrel adjusters in the housing and upon entry into the pedal. They’ve also provided a rubber stop that keeps the housing from breaking free, rendering the pedal ineffective.

The stand is held up by two long front legs poised to take the full weight of an ebike without allowing the stand to wobble. These legs fold into an easy-to-transport orientation with the use of a quick-release collar that slides up the main tower. Two smaller support legs slot into the rear of the stand and are held in place with tool-less bolts. There is also a wheel on the back that can be used when the supporting legs are removed to make it easier to move around your work area.

The clamp assembly is held on using a rotating lever on the back of the stand that, when loosened, allows you to spin the clamp 365 degrees so you can orientate it in the position that suits your needs. The clamp itself is activated by another rotating lever that also acts as a quick release, so you’re not left endlessly spinning the lever until it’s clamped tight to your bike. It also has non-marring rubber jaws, so your bike remains scuff-free.

Shop test results:

Even though it folds down into a relatively manageable size, the weight of the unit is considerable, making it hard to move even when folded down. This deterred us from bringing the stand with us on any outings, instead opting to leave it in our garage as a more permanent installment.

If there is one thing we need to say about this stand, it would be about how stable it is. It is very apparent that this stand is made with the weight of ebikes in mind. The arm is robust and doesn’t flex even when supporting the heaviest ebikes in our fleet. The clamp’s quick-release lever makes it easy to fit onto any seatpost or top tube and has plenty of torque to make it secure, even if the bike weighs a lot. The tilt function is also easy and smooth to operate with the rotating handle, which provides plenty of torque so even the heaviest bikes don’t move around.

The lift function was hardly used when working on normal bikes, but when it came to ebikes, it definitely came in handy. With a claimed 37 pounds of lifting assistance, the stand will not lift a heavy ebike on its own, but it helps tremendously when getting an ebike to a convenient height. There’s not a huge range of height adjustment with this stand, but that’s not really an issue. The stand functions as it’s supposed to and is a relief to have in the shop when working on particularly heavy ebikes.

As a complete unit, the PrepStand eUP Pro is an excellent work stand for any bike and is extremely convenient when working with ebikes. Our only complaint comes with the activation pedal, as it would often get in the way, accidentally stepped on or kicked to oblivion. We feel it might be more convenient to somehow attach it to one of the legs a little more out of the way so it’s not receiving constant abuse while the operator is concentrating on other things. There’s one final thing we feel we should mention, and that’s the price; this stand is $950, which is a lot to spend on a portable work stand no matter what technology is packed into it.


• Easy to put together
• Assists well with ebikes
• Good build quality
• Sturdy


• Very expensive
• Activation pedal gets in the way
• Heavy

STAR RATING: ★★★★1/2

Price: $950


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