Trail Grams: Life Lesson


I’m a novice rider who is just picking up mountain biking again after many years off.

I grabbed the September 2019 issue of Mountain Bike Action today and the “B’s Buzz” article was the first thing I read.

I loved the overall message the story conveyed! So much so that it compelled me to drop an e-mail saying so. Too often we think relying on the newest gear, lightest frame or biggest wheels will make us better. But it is the time on the trails, even on a 10-year-old bike, that makes the difference.

An amazing message across all aspects of life. Hard work pays off. Best team at your back? You still have to work to make it happen. Your success comes from your commitment.

My 6-year-old is getting into mountain biking now (part of my drive to get back into the sport). I can’t wait for him to get up tomorrow morning so I can read him this article. A life lesson!

Anthony S.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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