Trail Grams: Mountain Bikes vs. Motocross…Continued

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The point that hasn’t been made is that a stock motocross bike is more equivalent to about a $2500 bike. We can buy a mountain bike very close to what a pro rider gets to ride. They don’t sell an equivalent machine at the local motocross dealer that is close to what the factory pros ride, because it would be up to $80,000. It just wouldn’t sell. A race motocross bike’s upkeep is astronomical compared to a mountain bike’s. We buy top-of-the-line mountain bikes because we are the engine. A top-of-the-line mountain bike is easier to ride, while a premium race motocross bike is more difficult to ride—just because of the power output and powerband. Of the people I have ridden with, none of them have considered, should I buy a motorcycle or a bike? Especially when you start getting a grey hair or two and realize you aren’t indestructible.
Don Hicks


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