Trail Testing: KHS sixfifty609

An Inside Look at What’s In the Test Fleet: KHS sixfifty609

Killer Bee: Race hardtails have always been known as just that: bikes that are designed to get to the finish line first. However, the sixfifty609 seeks to take the agility of the 26-inch wheel, and the speed of the 29-inch variety and put them together in one package to make a bike that’s not just the lightest in the bunch, but also versatile. the 2×10 drivetrain, short travel suspension, and ultra stiff frame are truly built for speed, but we want to see if the 27.5-inch wheels give it the chops to be a killer trail bike as well.

Tried and True: The X0 drivetrain has long been a favorite of the wrecking crew for its reliability and range. This stuff is light enough to be right at home on a cross-country race bike, and can pull double duty on a downhill bike. This bike comes equipped with a complete SRAM X0 drivetrain and brakes that we’re sure will not disappoint.

Integrated Post Mounts: Nice touches on the finishing include a PressFit30 bottom bracket, integrated post mount brakes, and an internal bearing, tapered head tube. KHS has done their research.

Smart Spec: X-Fusion is an up-and-comer in the suspension world, delivering tons of value, and performance that has been on par with any other suspension component make on our previous tests. This Velvet Air fork delivers 100 millimeters of plush travel.

Space Age Design: The tope tube of the sixfifty609 looks a little like something off a NASA spaceship, but is designed to deliver maximum stiffness without a weight penalty. The downtube is also shaped to house the cables and keep them out of sight, ad out of mind. When we pass people on the trail with this bike, the first comment is usually about how this bike just-plain looks fast. We can’t wait to get more miles on this rig.

The wrecking crew strives to put as many miles on each test bike before we write a full review. Watch for the full write-up on this bike in the coming pages of Mountain Bike Action.