This month’s take was spot-on and mirrors exactly how I feel about mountain biking. I love to get out and ride and wish I lived in a place where I could ride epic trails right out my front door on a daily basis. I ride because it’s crazy fun to blast down a gnarly chute or rail a berm, but the fitness aspect is just a cool byproduct for me. Before I even start a big ride, I’ve already got a plan in mind on where I’m going to eat after the ride. Ninety-eight percent of the time, that post-ride meal is going to be street tacos for me. Once I’m about halfway into the ride, the tacos become my motivation to push on, knowing what awaits me at the end.

Since you guys are SoCal-based, you must have ridden Nobel Canyon at some point. The next time you’re down this way, I highly recommend the Adobada street tacos at Mananas taco shop in Alpine. Truly the best I ever had.

Mike Sylvester Oceanside, CA


I’ve been reading Mountain Bike Action for almost as long as I’ve been biking— since 1998. I’m now in the market for a new bike. Since my last new-bike purchase in 2008, a lot has changed, including the way to buy a bike. Like many others out there, I want to upgrade to a bike in the $4000 to $5500 price range. I know that I’ll get a great bike at that value, but I wonder if I should be looking to a direct-to-consumer bike instead to get a better overall component spec? I’ve never noticed if you have done a direct-to-consumer shootout. If you haven’t, maybe that would be something to consider for the future. Thanks! Keep up the great work, and I look forward to many more years of excellent reporting.

Via e-mail
Greg Stevenson


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