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How about some regular coverage on women’s riding gear—clothes, baggie shorts, jerseys and women’s-specific bike reviews? Aside from the occasional pro rider in your “Meet the Riders and Their Rides,” there is little to nothing about women riders or women’s-specific bikes and products. In case you haven’t heard, women are a large part of the bike market these days.

Albuquerque, New Mexico


I wanted to make a point regarding William Green’s comment in March’s “Trailgrams” section. Mr. Green asserts that pedal-assist e-bikes meet the definition of “pedal-driven, human-powered devices” and so appears to suggest that pedal-assist bikes are legal on USFS lands; however, one of the animating legal principles of statutory interpretation is expressio unius est exclusio alterius (“expressing one thing [implies] the exclusion of everything else”). A pedal-assist bike is clearly a “pedal and motor-driven, human and electric-powered device.” The fact that the code you’re citing doesn’t include an express exclusion for motor power is not something you can easily breeze past. This is to say nothing about any other USFS regulations that may also expressly and generally prohibit motorized transportation on a trail you want to ride.

If one of your readers were ticketed by a forest ranger for riding a pedal-assist bike on a trail that allows bicycles and generally prohibits motorized vehicles, don’t expect a judge to be impressed by a semantic argument suggesting that he or she should “pay no attention to the motor behind the curtain.”

Neil Mouneimne
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Find out why bikes cost so much HERE.

I recently read your article about sticker shock. It seems to me that it’s becoming acceptable to pay high dollar for bicycles that don’t have the same technology as motocross bikes. I’m baffled at this anal- ogy. I’ve worked in the industry, so many customers come in thinking they’ll pay $2500 and end up paying $7500 all in. No questions asked. The heart and soul of a motocross bike is the motor. The heart and soul of a mountain bike is the groupset. Match them up and you’re paying the same amount of money for both. Can you say that a motocross motor holds the same technology as a mechanical groupset from SRAM or Shimano? I’m sure I am not the only one thinking the bike pricing is getting way out of hand, but it is. We the consumers are allow- ing it, too, so we are definitely to blame, but enough is enough. Scott, Specialized, all the big names claim their bikes are cross-car- bon in key stress points etc. I don’t know, man. I just think it’s becoming unattainable to get a decent bike without paying the same price as a used motocross bike.

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