I’d like to tell all my fellow riders to always buy the largest handlebar available and then trim it to the width that suits them best. But, before they cut the bar, maybe try the wider bar to see if it feels better than they thought it might.


Slow down and backpedal a bit! Wider handlebars are meant to be used by gravity riders, and if you trim them down more than what the manufacturer suggests, you are probably going to end up with a bar that’s simply too stiff. Furthermore, too big a trim might then position the brake levers and grips too far inboard. If the range is good for you, you may want to try ODI’s Flight Control bars with a 750- to 786mm width depending on the use of plugs threading into the end of the bar. Also, check out our article on – 


Sorry for saying this, but I think there is something wrong in how you are showing our sport, always showing big jumps and risky moves. I love mountain biking for the simple joy of being out in the woods with friends. We would never risk hurting ourselves doing what you do with the bikes. I’m not criticizing the ability of your riders, testers and photographers; still, I’m afraid you’re giving a wrong idea of our sport, especially to absolute beginners. 


We understand what you are saying, but hear us out. While we share the same passion you have for relaxed trail rides through the woods, photos of this type of riding aren’t always the most exciting. Also, for the sake of our bike tests, we are obliged to push every bike and component to its limit, if not beyond. Riding for a living gives us a certain level of confidence, and we know how to ride the bikes we test. We want to be able to tell you everything about a test bike, so we’re almost always riding as hard and as fast as possible—and we’re always having fun.

“Trailgrams” tip of the month:

Trouble setting up a tubeless tire? Let it sit in the sun for a few minutes, then try to inflate it.


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