Trailgrams: Group Ride Benefits


The Buddy system is the way to go. Brandon “Air-Time” Castelli is leading the pack of a little game of Follow-The-Leader.

I completely agree with Brandon in his January “B’s Buzz” column about the importance of having riding buddies. Like him, I usually would ride alone, but last year I met a guy on my local trails who said he does a ride with his friends every Wednesday after they get off work. He said I could join him any time.

I was so excited, but also a little nervous that they might be way faster than I am and I’d hold them back. Instead of chickening out, I thought, “Why not go for it and see for myself what the group ride was all about?” We met up the following week and had an excellent ride until about three-quarters of the way into the ride when my chain snapped. I was so embarrassed and couldn’t help but think that had I ruined the group’s ride, but they were so nice about it.

One of the guys in the group happened to have a spare chain link. He graciously fixed my bike, and we continued the rest of the ride. Of course, I owed that man a post-ride beverage and offered to pay for the spare link. He turned down the money but was happy to let me buy him a drink after the ride. Since then, I’ve been riding with the group almost every week.

Will Johnson
Phoenix, Arizona

Group rides are more fun and safer than riding alone. Their smiles tell it all.

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