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I’m writing in to share my experience with my new Marin San Quentin. After I saw your review in the February issue, I knew this would become my next bike. It’s so much fun to ride around the trails and is a good commuter for me.

I really wanted to get a dirt jumper, but my friend said that dirt jumpers can’t climb due to the low seat and bad gearing. To me, it seems like my new Marin has it all. It was under $2000, so I was able to spend the rest of my budget on a TLD A2 helmet, new Five Ten riding shoes and a pair of Shimano pedals similar to the ones tested in the same issue. Thanks for the great reviews! Can’t wait for next month’s magazine.

Ryan Stealer
Oak Grove, OR

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Thomas Van Steenbergen backflips off a cliff to win the Best Trick award at the Red Bull Rampage. Photo by Joe Lawwill

I love the juxtaposition of the “don’t try this at home, kids” warning with the photo of Thomas van Steenbergen backflipping over a cliff on the “Table of Contents” page! You now have me thoroughly convinced not to try this trick (not that I would have tried it before reading the warning).

Glenn McCreery

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