Training Tips With America’s Current XC National Champion Keegan Swenson

 Keegan Swensons’
Training Tips

Keegan Swenson (11) and Christopher Blevins (1) battled for the lead at last year’s UCI pro race at Vail Lake in Temecula, California. The two are national champions today, and they’ll likely both be shooting for a chance to compete in the Olympics next year.

With all of the limitations on riding this year, we reached out to several top mountain bikers to get their advice on how we can stay fit and strengthen our skills no matter what happens in the months ahead.


While Keegan Swenson does most of his riding outside, he also has some tips for those days when we can’t hit the trails.

Train in the gym, your home and even your backyard

1. Stay on top of your core and gym work. Even if it’s only a few minutes a week, it can really help you on the bike. Just some planks, push-ups, body-weight squats and other simple exercises are all you need to stay strong.

2. If you are stuck indoors during these crazy times, then I recommend giving yourself a purpose on the trainer, like some sort of interval training, cadence drills or just something to help keep your brain occupied. Just sitting there and riding aimlessly can get pretty tough!

3. If trails in your area are closed, then it could also be a good time to practice some skills in your backyard. Learn how to wheelie, bunnyhop or track stand! Those little skills go a long way out on the trail. Just be smart and don’t get yourself hurt!

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Keegan Swenson’s
Pivot 429 SL


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