Training Tips With Christopher Blevins


Christopher Blevins is USA Cycling’s current Short-Track National Champion.

Typically, I train 20 to 28 hours on the bike a week. Depending on the time of year, the level of intensity changes. In the winter, I ride longer and do more low-intensity efforts. One of the key workouts is called strength endurance. I build up to 10 × 10 minutes at tempo, with a low cadence on a climb. It’s a doozy for sure but helps build a lot of torque and muscle engagement in the winter months. I also spend a lot of time in the gym in the offseason—three times a week with some pure lifting and some functional movements. As I get closer to the season, I start layering on more threshold and harder workouts. As I get even closer to the season, I let the floodgates open on the intensity and do a lot of on/offs to mimic the punchy style of cross-country racing.

This spring, things are obviously a lot different. Races have been canceled, and normal life is on hold. Bike racing is far less important than the health of our communities. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to go for long solo rides still, but I am sure to stay safe and respect space when I pass people on the trail. If health and government officials ask us to all ride inside, I will respect that and be spending lots of time on Zwift with my Specialized Racing teammates.

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