Training Tips With Geoff Kabush

Training Tips With Geoff Kabush

Geoff Kabush puts down the hammer at the 2019 Sea Otter.

One thing I always recommend is learning and understanding why you are doing specific workouts. Life changes quickly, and if you understand the purpose behind your training, it allows you to be more flexible and adjust your schedule and workouts to match. Speaking with your coach is not always possible, so it is important to not be flying blind.

Technology for training and monitoring progress is pretty incredible these days, but nothing is as important as paying attention to how your body is feeling. The most powerful thing is when you use technology enough that you can associate the numbers with your own feeling. I used to do so much lactate testing during training that I could guess the number almost every time, within a tenth, based on my feeling.

Technology should be used to monitor training, but the default that drives everything should be how you feel. The body is incredibly complicated, so be ready to adjust the training prescription for weather, temperature, recovery and life stress.

Geoff at the Sea Ottter. (Photo by Joe Lawwill)

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