Training Tips With Richie Schley

Training Tips With Richie Schley

Whistler legend Richie Schley offers some tips for riders of all ages. Photo by Bhushan Thakkar


Richie Schley was one of the pioneers of freeride mountain biking and one of the top video stars of our sport.


Tips for older riders: Listen to your body. I am finding as I get older I have to listen to my body. The most common problem people have with training is over-training. If you are tired, rest. Your gains in fitness will be better—and you are less likely to crash if you are alert and feeling good.

For skills, take a lesson: There are a lot of great instructors out there. Find a professional instructor in your area and take some lessons to get your skills dialed in. Watch YouTube videos on how to ride the correct way. Get your riding buddies to take videos of you trying out your moves, so you can see what you are doing compared to what you want to be doing and how it looks on video.

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