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Hunter Allen is one of the original coaches to adopt using a power meter and coaching mountain bikers with it. He has spent much time working towards the development of power meter data and analysis and has even written a book called Training and Racing With a Power Meter. Allen has about 200 different plans […]


TAHNEE SEAGRAVE UNPLUGGED (Press Release) Fox’s Unplugged series provides an in-depth, behind the scenes look into the athlete’s journey in preparation for or in the midst of the race season chaos. The latest episode follows Tahnée Seagrave’s closing week of the 2021 World Cup season. Tahnée has one of the most recognizable faces in pro […]

VIDEO: Race Time – Race Ready Episode 4 with Andri Frischknecht

Andri Frischknecht, son of cross country legend and current Scott-Sram Team Director, Thomas Frischknecht knows a thing or two about race prep. In episode 4 of the Syncros Race Ready Series, Andri shares his tips and tricks for marathon race warm up, nutrition and what to carry on the bike.  Although most of the advice […]

7 Reasons To Ride

For those of you interested in joining an amazing sport, here are seven reasons you should start riding a bike today

Can Drinking Beet Juice Improve Your Endurance?

We get a lot of emails about a variety of things. One that we received recently was a message touting the benefits of beet juice. It was from a company that sold a beet-juice supplement, and the company claimed that drinking beet juice lowered a person’s blood pressure and increased one’s endurance, which could be […]