Transition bikes: Ella Shreds!

7 years. That’s how long Ella has been riding a mountain bike. You’d never guess after watching her smooth style in the air and confidence on the ground. She picked up her first mountain bike at age 24 and hasn’t looked back. Leaving a corporate sales job in California, Ella moved to Vermont to get out of the rat race and join her fiance Alex McAndrew in East Burke. She jumped into DH racing and quickly found herself competing as an Elite making her first pass at World Cup racing this summer. We had a chance to catch up with Ella this fall in the Northeast Kingdom, a little slice of old school Vermont that has a booming mountain bike scene. She took us out to Victory, a zone built by the legendary IdeRide trail crew, that has a great mix of natural terrain and well built features.

All smiles for Ella on this warm fall day.

All smiles for Ella on this warm fall day.


Out of the trees and blasting the motorway.

Ella hadn’t previously hit this jump until the day we filmed. Her fiance Alex pulled her in for first go.
“I think Ella thrives on being a little bit scared, the more commitment a steep section, drop, or jump requires the more focused she gets. We don’t actually get to ride that much together, and every time we do, her improvement, pace and style leaves me wildly impressed”-Alex

One of the bigger moves from the video, the rock wedge take off is behind that big boulder and goes into the hipped landing.


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