Travel Feature: Southern California Outdoor Adventures (SCOA) Shuttle Service

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Southern California Outdoor Adventures (SCOA) is a shuttle service that offers daily mountain bike tours for riders of all levels in the San Gabriel Mountains. It’s not often you find riding this great so close to a metropolis like Los Angeles, and they cater to everyone—from the extremely advanced riders to families and beginners. For a mere $20, riders can snag the shuttle to the top of Mount Wilson for a gravitifed vertical mile of descending with minimal climbing effort required. If you’re feeling more adventurous, SCOA offers guided mountain bike tours, early-morning before-work shuttles, and even night-ride adventure packages. When they held a media day to shred the trails right in our backyard, we simply couldn’t say no. If you’re in the L.A. area and looking to be chauffeured to some of our favorite testing grounds, check them out at

SCOA_PHOTO3_150617_sccp_SCOA_0213Party wave! Following the guides, the crew dropped into all of the trails full steam ahead, bar to bar, with smiles from ear to ear.

SCOA_PHOTO2_150617_sccp_SCOA_0136All aboard: The van and trailer carry plenty of bikes and people in order to shred all of the offered trails with all of your buds.

SCOA_PHOTO1_150617_sccp_SCOA_0012Saved by the Bell: SCOA mandates that all of their riders ride with a bell mounted to their handlebars for proper trail etiquette and safety.

SCOA_PHOTO5_150617_sccp_SCOA_0362Crazy train: Riders bomb down the best trails that the San Gabriel Mountain Range has to offer, throwing their own style and picking their own lines.

SCOA_PHOTO6_150617_sccp_SCOA_0425Time flies when you’re having fun: Chappy from Intense showed us how to drop down a rock face as we waited for the shuttle to arrive at the next stop.

SCOA_PHOTO10_scoa_diptic_02Pumice precision: When ripping down hardpack trails, you have to be careful not to push the front end too hard or you will be caught scrambling.

SCOA_PHOTO4_150617_sccp_SCOA_0278Apply pressure here: With everyone pushing each other down the trail in close quarters, some were pushed to their limits and took a face full of sand.

SCOA_PHOTO9_150617_sccp_SCOA_0603A flick in a forest: Descending down the “dark side” of Mt. Wilson, there were plenty of corners to flick the rear wheel out and score a couple of style points.

SCOA_PHOTO7_150617_sccp_SCOA_0460Finding our way: Alex the trail guide shows the crew exactly where the trails take us and where the fun is.

SCOA_PHOTO8_150617_sccp_SCOA_0599Fix a flat: The rocky trails of Mt. Wilson can reach out and grab tires. We had to be extra careful to pick the right line.


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